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Microsoft is discontinuing its Skype Wi-Fi service globally at the end of March, with officials citing a desire to focus on "core" features as the reason.

According to a Skype Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, users won't be able to download the Skype Wi-Fi application after that date. Those who still have Skype Wi-Fi installed after March 31 will no longer be able to find or use hotspots.

In a previous article, we spoke of a few things that you can do on an Android phone, that you just can’t on an iPhone. Today, we will tell you the other side of the story. Although some of you may think Android is functionally superior than iOS, nothing would be further from the truth. Today, iOS and Android have gotten more and more alike. Some of iOS's features, such as AirDrop, Touch ID, and Night Shift, are easily replaced by third party apps like Instashare, or supported by newer versions of Android. But there are still some things that make Apple's devices stand out. Here are just a few examples of things where iOS has the advantage over Android.

Like Pokémon? Like free stuff? Good news: There's a new, totally free Pokémon game available now on your iPhone or Android phone. It's called "Pokémon Duel," and it looks intense.


"Pokémon Duel" is an entirely different beast than the wildly popular "Pokémon Go," which launched last summer. Instead of capturing Pokémon in the real world, you'll collect figurines in "Pokémon Duel." And instead of battling other Pokémon at gyms in the real world, you take it to other players online in "Pokémon Duel."

Smartphones nowadays usually promise a long battery life but many users still complain that their device's batteries quickly get discharged even with the promised improvements. However, it is possible that users are actually killing their own batteries quicker due to wrong charging practices that can easily be corrected.

White-hat hackers found a loophole that allowed for remote command execution.

Security bloggers have exploited a loophole in a cloud-monitoring service to break into Samsung's Smartcam security cameras, just over a year after Samsung fixed similar vulnerabilities.


Exploiteers, a white-hat hacking group with extensive experience breaking into connected home devices, detailed its new exploit in a blog post last week. By accessing php files designed to facilitate firmware updates for Smartcam devices, the hackers were able to install a remote command execution script that gave them full control of the cameras.


Microsoft recently overhauled the user interface of Cortana on Android, but the company has more plans for the digital assistant. The software maker is currently testing out a new way to access Cortana from the Android lock screen, with just a swipe. It’s a new feature that’s clearly designed to replace Google’s own quick access, and to convince Android users to switch to Cortana.


The Pentagon has given the highest security rating for unclassified data to Microsoft's federal cloud offerings, Azure Government and a Defense Department-specific iteration of Office 365. The Microsoft services were granted Level 5 provisional authority to operate certification.


Windows 10 has faced a growing number of privacy concerns in recent months. While Microsoft has responded to some previously, the latest criticism came from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, accusing the software maker of sending an “unprecedented amount of usage data” back to the company with Windows 10. Microsoft is now hoping to quell some of these fears with several changes to its privacy controls in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.


This is Nokia’s first Android-based iPhone 7 rival

The first Nokia Android smartphone is already here. Sure, it may not be the old Nokia that many of you loved, but the Finland-based company is still involved in this new mobile adventure. On Sunday, HMD Global, the company that secured the Nokia brand and licensing rights last year, announced the Nokia 6, the first of many Nokia Android handsets that are supposed to launch later this year.


Tech giant Microsoft has just released a new tool to help its users fix the errors that usually come out during the Windows update process, supporting the versions 10, 8.1 and 7. Naturally, this move represents an important response from Microsoft to this issue, given the fact that the company has been gaining a lot of criticisms considering that this was something that customers were heavily complaining about.


According to The Korea Herald, Samsung is considering using LG Chem batteries on top of existing suppliers for next year’s Galaxy Note.


It’s being reported that the South Korean electronics giant is in the talks with its archenemy about potentially having LG Chem supply its batteries in the future, starting with the Galaxy Note 8. Although it’s easy to assume that this is due to the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle or some battery issue associated with Samsung’s suppliers, the likelihood of that is pretty low, in my opinion.


The latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report shows an increase in the use of anti-virus software following the introduction of Windows Defender, and highlights the extra security improvements in Windows 10


The more recent the version of Windows, the more likely it is to have anti-virus software running.


Almost all Windows 10 PCs are now running anti-virus software because the built-in Windows Defender is turned on automatically unless an alternative program is installed. With up-to-date versions of Windows 10, the "unprotected rate" has fallen to around 3 percent of the PCs that Microsoft updates.


One of the biggest security stories of 2016 was the rise of ransomware.

In August, a study by security company Malwarebytes said that nearly half of all U.S. businesses had been hit by the malware. More recently, Kasperksy said ransomware attacks had increased threefold against businesses worldwide from January to September. And all throughout the year, ransomware that locked down the PCs of everyday users made headlines. Hoping to stop ransomware in its tracks, security firm Cybereason announced a new anti-malware security program on Monday called RansomFree.


When Xiaomi first launched the Mi Mix, many found it a very interesting concept, and some even suggested that its edge-to-edge display would be implemented by other companies in the near future. Well, it looks like that prediction could come true — the Huawei Honor brand is launching the “Magic” on December 16, a phone that many expect to have a similar display to the Mi Mix.


Honor first teased the device on December 14 on Chinese social media site Weibo, and the teaser clearly shows a concept phone of some kind. According to leaks, the display will cover almost the entire front of the phone, with only two small slits of non-display space on the top and bottom of the phone’s front face.


The only good thing about winter’s arrival is that people will finally stop saying “winter is coming” every 27 seconds. Seriously, people, just stop it already. It was fun for one season, maybe two, but we’re six seasons into GoT not and it’s getting old.


Brutally cold weather is sweeping the nation now, and it brings with it all sorts of problems. Staying safe and getting around through the snow and other forms of frozen precipitation is at the top of the list, of course, and finding a way to keep your face and appendages from freezing off is another big concern. We can’t help you with either of those problems, but we’re happy to report that there’s another issue brought about by winter that we can help with, and it’s something that impacts just about every iPhone user out there.


An update to Windows software has caused problems for personal computer users trying to connect to the internet.

Several European internet service providers (ISPs) have highlighted the problem, which can strike regardless of the type of router box or the particular ISP in use.

Virgin Media has issued detailed advice to customers on how to reconnect.

Microsoft has also offered guidance to those experiencing difficulties.

"Some customers using Windows 10 have reported difficulties connecting to the internet," said a spokeswoman for Microsoft.

"As a first step, we recommend customers restart their PCs.

If you haven't already heard, you should probably download encrypted messaging app Signal.

At least, that's experts' advice for people after the U.S. election.

Between high-profile security failures and the Russian hacks before the election, we should know by now to secure our personal data.

But some people worry that government surveillance will expand under a Donald Trump presidency, especially because he tapped Mike Pompeo, who supports mass surveillance, for CIA chief.

Microsoft has gained all necessary regulatory clearance for its acquisition of LinkedIn, the company announced today, and the massive deal is set to close “in the coming days.” The European Commission was the last hurdle remaining after officials in the US, Canada, and elsewhere had already approved the $26.2 billion all-cash buyout.